The Handbag Essentials

We all have those few things that we store in special pockets and corners of our handbags: those essential items that we carry with us, at all costs. It is a fearful thought that one of us should be caught in a predicament with one of our vital possessions not on our person…right ladies? I know you all have at least three items in your bag that you wouldn’t even think of leaving the house without. Here are a few of mine:

Kalina's Bag Essentials

Skintelligence Daily Moisturizer: With all this crazy cold weather and harsh wind chill, my skin is need some extra love. To fight off icky dry skin, I keep my favorite moisturizer handy. Buy it here!

Cherry Chapstick: Chapped lips can be both painful and distracting. With my Cherry Chapstick, I keep my lips feeling great and still add a little pink to my pout at the same time.

Motives for LaLa Mineral Mascara: If I’m ever in a rush, I’ve always got my favorite mascara to brush over my lashes. It’s a quick and effective way to make your eyes look more open and alert–perfect for those mornings when you forgot to set that alarm. Buy it here!

Motives for Loren Ridinger Mineral Pressed Powder: Perfect for the afternoon touch-up, I keep this Powder close at hand. Light but with full coverage, it is my essential makeup go-to. Buy it here!

Motives for Loren Ridinger Kabuki Brush: And to apply my powder, I keep the right brush on me. This soft kabuki makes my powder application a breeze, gently placing a light layer to my skin. Buy it here!

Business Card Holder: I never leave the house without it! It is absolutely vital that I keep my business cards in my bag. After all, you never know who you might meet while you are out and about.

What are some things you simply can’t go without? Leave a comment and share!



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