A Sweet Day with My Valentine

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. I enjoy taking a special day to celebrate the loved ones in your life (and to buy tons of chocolate on sale after the big day is over!) This year, my love and I had to postpone our Valentine’s date due to crazy work schedules and busy weeks. But luckily for us, it turned out wonderfully-we got to spend all of a relaxing Sunday together with gorgeous weather. A visit to a vegetarian Indian restaurant, a local distillery tour, cooking dinner together, and watching my favorite movie of all time, Pride and Prejudice, made this day simply perfect.

Below is my look for the V-day celebration. I am obsessing over these tailored shorts, which I paired with tights just until that weather warms up a tad more. The top has gorgeous lace detail-because really, what’s more romantic than lace?







Outfit details:

Top: Petticoat Alley

Shorts: Altea

Flats: Target

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