As 2013 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on what an incredible year it has been for me. This time a year ago, I had no idea what the new year had in store. I have been blessed with many extraordinary experiences in 2013. I began my own styling company, doubled my Motives Cosmetics and shopping consulting business, launched my website, saw my best childhood friend get married, backpacked across Europe with my college roommate, got accepted into Belmont’s MBA program..I can still hardly believe that all of this has happened in just 12 months. This has been a year of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone: it hasn’t always been easy, but looking back makes me realize it was all worth it. I feel so grateful to have had these experiences, and they wouldn’t be possible without my friends and family who create an incredible support system. I love you all so dearly. So, 2013, although it is bittersweet to see you go, it’s time to say goodbye. 2014, let’s make it the best one yet.

amber and kkalina irelandkalinadotcom

kalina motives




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